Fall 2019 (Aug 12 - Nov 24)

Monday 5pm - 9pm

Friday 5pm - 9pm

9:00 AM09:00

SCPA Monrovia Show: PSW

11:30pm          Arrive at RHS for rehearsal

2:00pm            Load equipment truck & eat.

 4:30pm            Depart RHS

5:50pm            Arrive at Monrovia HS and unload truck

6:10pm            Walk to Warm-up Zone (battery)

6:20pm            Battery setup & tune

6:30pm            Warm-up (battery separate from pit)

6:40pm            Battery lot book          

6:50pm            Battery walk to pit

6:55pm            Full Ensemble

7:20pm            Water, dress and pack up for performance

7:30pm            Transit to gym

7:40pm            Ready at Staging Area

7:50pm            Perform

8:15pm            Reload equipment truck. Change out of uniform & load in the truck.

9:00pm            Awards Ceremony

9:45pm            Depart for RHS

10:30pm          Return to RHS and unload/clean up

Please note: times are subject to change slightly up to one day before the competition. This performance time is a general guideline of what the day will look like.

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